Wallace Sidhrée

Frontend Developer

Hi! I'm a web developer with strong graphic skills established in Oslo, Norway. I love to bend code to my will and create a relevant online experience.
I deliver code that's version-controlled, thoroughly tested through solid CI routines and built through efficient automation.

See for yourself by peeking at the source code for this page on GitHub.
You're welcome to use it!

Tools I use

Git for version control. Gulp and Nodejs for automating the concatenation, linting, minification, testing and the creation of the production-ready build. Selenium combined with Nightwatchjs for testing CI, Mocha & Chai (or Jasmine) for js unit tests.


I organise my tasks with the help of the KANBAN workflow. This process helps one visualise progress and prioritise what gets done first. I use Trello privately and JIRA at the office. I've worked with Agile, KANBAN and SCRUM software development methodologies, and believe all have their merits and gotchas. I find that a looser "SCRUM - the best parts" approach is the one that worked out best so far, when predictability and estimates are key.

Open-source projects

I have a few open-source projects on GitHub. All of them are study projects, so take them with a grain of salt. Color Consolidator is an application that was created to help a group of UX and Front-enders consolidate and maintain color variables. Gitlog to JSON is a project created to scan relevant commit information from one or multiple repos and output it to JSON. Gitinsight was created to visualise gitlog data, and at its current state I would not even call it a draft, but it's a work in progress. All these projects have their flaws and are far from ready, but they're out there, waiting for your contribution!

Git Stats

Below are some interesting stats extracted from the gitlog data on repos I contribute to privately (not visible on GitHub). The data is generated with Gitlog to JSON and crunched with (parts of) Gitinsight - both being my projects.

Impact (Additions + Deletions)

Cumulative Impact


Cumulative Commits